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BDE2ADO Converter With Source 1.00

BDE2ADO Converter With Source 1.00

BDE2ADO Converter With Source Publisher's Description

Why do I need BDE2ADO
Why do I need BDE2ADO?

Exchanging TQueries to TADOQueries manually is hard and error prone work. Usually what you do is this: Add a TADOQuery for every TQuery that is being replaced. Copy the SQL-property, set the Locktype and the Connection-property. At some point you have to delete the old TQuery and rename the TADOQuery to the old TQuery name. All datasources connected to that particular TQuery then loses the connection. So, you have to manually find every TDataSource connected to the new TADOQuery. You don`t get any error-messages from the compiler if the Dataset property is empty on the TDataSource so no help there.


If you have a BDE Database-application developed in Borland Delphi and you want to upgrade the BDE to ADO, the BDE2ADO Converter is the perfect tool! You don`t have to worry about the SQL-parameters, SQL-Query, Locktypes, Connection-properties or even the connected TDataSources. It all gets converted.


How does the application work? What gets converted?

First of all the BDE2ADO application scans the selected directory for all *.dfm files and looks for uses of TDatabases and stores them in an array. This is because of that TQuery only has a string-connection (TQuery.Database property) to the actual TDatabase-object, while TADOQuery has an actual pointer to the TADOConnection.


BDE2ADO then scans all *.dfm-files again, looking for all uses of TQuery, TwwQuery and replaces them with TADOQuery. If the TQuery has parameters, it also checks to see that all parameters have a datatype. If not, it shows a dialogue to select the correct datatype.


Finally it scans the *.dfm-files again replacing the TDatabases with TADOConnections.


Then the *.pas-files are scanned. All TQueries, TwwQueries and TDatabases are replaced with it`s ADO-equivalents. Most properties and functions that have changed name from BDE to ADO are also replaced. For example;


TBlobStream                à        TADOBlobStream

RequestLive                 à        LockType (ltOptimistic or ltReadOnly)

StartTransaction           à        BeginTrans

Commit                        à        CommitTrans

Rollback                       à        RollbackTrans


Also the uses-clause get updated so any reference to dbtables are replaced with ADODB.


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